Trumpf TruLaser Tube 5000 2014


Model: TruLaser Tube 5000

Year: 2014

Type: Lasers, CNC

Reference #: 1060

Excellent condition with low hours.

Smallest Prog. Increment: +/- .0039”
Power Consumption: 27-53 kW/h
Dimensions: L 622” x W 319” x H 94”
Machine Weight: 38,580 Lbs
Control: Siemens Sinumerik 840D
Type Of Laser: CO2
Resonator: Truflow 3200
Power Output: 3200 Watt
Max. Thickness Steel: .251”
Max. Thickness Stainless: .196”
Max. Thickness Aluminum: .157”
Max. OD Rectangular Tubes: 5.984”
Max. OD Round Tubes: 5.984”
Max. Tube Length: 255.90”
Max. Length Automatic Loading: 255.90”
Min. Length Automatic Loading: 118.11”
Max. Length Finished Parts: 180.0”
Max. Workpiece Weight: 264.55 Lbs
Max. Tube Bundle Weight: 8,818 Lbs
Longitudinal Travel X-Axis: 255.90”
Cross Travel Y-Axis: 7.87”
Hight Travel Z-Axis: 5.90”
Travel Speed: 3,937 IPM

Equipped With:

Sinumerik 840D Control

TLF3200 Watt Co2 Power Source

Programmable Cutting Pressure

Maintenance-free 3-Phase Servo Motors

NitroLine High pressure cutting

Laser Power Control

Automatic Shutdown

Work Area Lighting

Teleservice Connect

Light Barriers & Safety Cabin

Seam Detection Camera

21’ Automatic Tube Loader and Magazine

15’ Unload with Scrap Conveyor

Soft Touch Rollers

Wireless Operation Point

Chiller Unit

Dust Collection

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