IPG YLS-4000 U Fiber Laser Source

Make : IPG

Model: YLS-4000 U

Year: 2022

Reference #: 1115

New Fiber Laser power source still in crate.

Max. Average Power: 4.0 kW
Central Wavelength Range: 1070 ±5 nm
Mode of Operation: CW/Modulated
Modulation Frequency: 0-5 kHz
Power Tunability: 10%-100%
Power Stability: ±2%
Supply Voltage: 400-480/3-phase VAC
Cabinet Dimensions: W 17" x D 32" x H 28"
Cabinet Weight: 440 Lbs.

Output Power 4,000 Watts

Internal Dehumidifier

Ultra-compact Size

Optimized for 24/7 Cutting  

Excellent Beam Parameter Product  

Record Reliability

2D/3D Thin & Thick Metal Cutting  

Stainless and Mild Steel Cutting  

Processing Copper, Brass & Aluminum  

Processing Titanium

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