IPG YLS-2000-S1T 2 kW Ytterbium Fiber Laser

Make : IPG

Model: YLS-2000-S1T

Year: 2021

Reference #: 1117

New Fiber Laser Power Source and Chiller - 18 Month Warranty

Technology: Solid State Laser
Mode: Single Mode
Power: 2kW
Power Stability: ±2%
Wavelength Accuracy: ±10 nm
Power Supply: 400 to 480 VAC
Chiller: IPG 2K / LC 71.01-A.4.5/6
Cooling: Water/Air

Equipped With:

Internal 1 Way Switch

50 Micron Feed Fiber

Pre-Alligned 150um LCA Process Fiber

CommModule Ethernet IP Adapter

Fiber Cable PF LCA-150-30

IPG Chiller, 2K,  LC 71.01-A.4.5/6

Water Treatment Kit

IPGP Microscope Kit

18 Month OEM Warranty

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