Finn-Power LP6 Punch Laser Combo w/FMS Cell


Model: LP6 Punch Laser Combo

Year: 2010

Reference #: 100468

Excellent Condition with only one owner. Only 15,000 production hours.

Equipped With:

Siemens 840D CNC Control

Convergent (Prima) CP 3000 Watt fast-axial-flow, DC-excited C02 Laser

Programmable Hydraulic Punch Stroke

Programmable Ram Speed

(3) Work Clamps with Programmable 3rd Clamp

20 Station Thick Turret

(2) Auto-Index Forming Stations

(2) Multi-Tool Stations

Brush Table Design

LSR6 Loading and Stacking Robot

SU9 Sorting Unit w/9 Sorting Addresses

(2) Part Work Chutes W/Conveyors (11.81" x 15.74", 31.49" x 31.49")

SC/1 Flat Scrap Conveyor

SC/2 Lifting Scrap Conveyor

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