BLM LT8 CO2 Tube Laser with Tilt (3D) Cutting

Make : BLM

Model: LT8

Year: 2013

Reference #: 100470

Excellent Condition - Installed in 2015

Equipped With:

Siemens 840D CNC Controller

Rofin Sinar 3500 Watt Co2 Resonator

Tilting 3D Laser Head +/- 45°

High Speed Piercing/Booster Pulse

Weld Seam Detection

Open Shapes Capability

Auto Bundle Loader For 8' To 27' 10” Tubes

Auto Finished Parts Unloader

Small Parts Conveyor Up To 19” Long

Scrap Conveyor

Remote Online Diagnosis

Dust Collector

Chiller Unit


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