BLM LT8.20 3D Fiber Tube Laser

Make : BLM

Model: LT8 Fiber

Year: 2020

Reference #: 1075

Beam on hours 453. Includes 4kW IPG YLs Fiber Laser and 3-D Tilt Cutting Head

Controller: Siemens Simatic
Laser Power: IPG YLS 4000 Watt Fiber
Round Tube Diameter: .50” - 8.625”
Square Tubes: .50” - 8.0”
Rectangular Tube (Width): .50” – 8.0”
Bar Load Size: 28’
Min. Bar Load Length (Auto Bundle Loader): 8.2'
Bar Unload Size: 28”
Max. Bundle Weight: 8,800 lbs.
Max. Bar Weight (At full duty cycle): 25 lbs. / Foot
Tilt Head Cutting: Standard (+/- 45 Degrees)
Open Shapes Capability: Standard - Processing Angle Iron, Channel, Flat Bar
Booster Pierce / Breakthrough Detector: Standard
Weld Seam Detection: Standard
Tube Twist & Bow Correction: Standard
Installed Power: 63 kVA
Average Drawn Power (O2): 16 kW
Average Drawn Power (N2): 21 kW

Equipped With:

Siemens Simatic Control
3-D Tilt for Bevels/Miters +or- 45°

4kW IPG YLS Fiber Laser

Active Focus

Active Piercing

Active Marking

Active Scan

Active Speed

Optical Weld Seam Sensor

Bundle Loader

IPG Chiller

Sideros Dust Collector

(2) On-board cameras (Internal & Rear of Machine)

Short Parts Belt

Rear Scrap Conveyor

Front and Rear unload Collection Tables

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