What We Do

We provide a wide selection of pre-owned manufacturing machinery at below-market prices. Companies worldwide can access our broad selection of machine tools, which includes laser cutters, press brakes, hydraulic shears, and other industrial devices and support equipment.

We aim to be a trustworthy source for quality pre-owned industrial machinery. Manufacturers can take advantage of our below-market pricing and readily available inventory to fill their needs quickly without having to increase their setup or replacement costs.

Our Selection

We offer a wide selection of manufacturing machinery and support equipment including laser cutters, plasma cutters, press brakes, deburring machines and more.

Our listings are currently available, so there is not much lead time before obtaining your purchased equipment. Our ability to get customers pre-owned machinery quickly is a significant advantage. With these speedy transactions, new companies can start production fast, and existing operations can get a timely replacement to return to full capacity.


Quality can sometimes be a concern when it comes to pre-owned products. We put our customers’ minds at ease by placing every piece of machinery we sell through a vetting process. If it does not meet our quality standards, we won’t list it for sale.

Furthermore, we offer the most trusted, well-known brands for each type of machinery. You can view our online listings and perform a search using either the brand name or the type of equipment.


Pre-owned machinery provides excellent value. Thanks to our competitive, below-market pricing and our policy of vetting products before we list them for sale, you can get the maximum value when you purchase equipment listed on our site.

Because of the reduced cost, pre-owned machinery can provide a quicker return on investment. Since the time between purchase and delivery is also usually less, you can get your operation up and running faster and start earning profits sooner.